Welcome to our Blog!

Welcome to our Blog! A collection of Publius Indica's thoughts, and other updates about our website.

December 28, 2017 - First blog post!

The day is finally here! After a long time of ideation, procrastination, exertion, and a little bit of a vacation, we are finally ready to dedicate this creation to our Nation! Well, we kind of are. This New Year marks the launch of the beta version of our website, Vaada Raha, as we edge closer and closer to the official launch of our website on January 22, 2018.

We've been waiting for this day since early 2015, when we first conceived the idea of this website. As we learnt over the past three years, translating one's vision into something which can be viewed and appreciated (and constructively criticize!) by people on the Internet! Nonetheless, we are glad that this day is finally here. Our team has given everything in the making of this website, and we are beyond excited to share this project with you.

As we mentioned, we are currently in beta, pending our official launch on January 22, 2018, so here is what it means:

-- You may encounter a few bugs here are there as you browse our website; please use the "Contact Us" page to share your feedback about the ones you spot so that we can squish them!

-- There are a few promises which are still being researched, and will be added by the time we officially launch. We will be making a list of all the new promises that we add before our official launch, and post it in a new blog post.

-- Comments are currently not enabled on the website, but will be added really soon! Please use the yellow box at the end of each promise to share your thoughts, comments, or feedback.

And that's about it for our first blog post! We wanted to keep it short and crisp so that you could spend the majority of your time browsing the plethora of content on our website.

We really, really look forward to hearing from you. Please be sure to share your comments, compliments, and constructive criticism through the "Contact Us" page.

On that note, and on behalf of Team Vaada Raha - which, by the way, is beyond excited by the launch of the beta version of this website - this is Publius Indica, signing off!

Welcome to Vaada Raha! Please help us make our website better by sharing your feedback through the Contact Us page.

Meanwhile, we would be grateful if you could help spread the word, and share our website amongst your friends and family.